Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Expo, gigs, handmades + halloween ^__^

It's been ages since I updated but I have been really busy :)

So October was the London MCM expo - me, my bf and a friend went together in steampunk outfits, and another friend went as rei from evangelion.
Here are our outfits :D

us @ expo

me and may (as rei)

my new friend :D m 

My outfit took quite a while to piece together and includes several vintage items and handmade pieces.

The expo was awesome as always and I came back with a massive bag full of kawaii goodies!!

Halloween was my bf birthday and he also played a gig with his metal band. It was a dress-up gig so me and my friend went dressed up, she is medusa and I was a 'not-very-good nurse'.

The band all wore suits and corpse paint, and ate a lambs heart and maggots on stage - haha, very apt for halloween!!

Becky + me :

 The band :

A few of us also went back up to London the following weekend to see Manowar in the O2, I have seen them many times but this was the 2nd time in England it was really good but I think gigs are better at festivals personally...but still VERY fun :D

No photos of actual gig cause no cameras aloud, but here is me and a friend after the gig:

And here is a pic of my bf and a friend in their new matching Manowar shirts - hehe

I made everyone paper hats for the train ride home XD

Did a mini photoshoot with my friend, for the new jewelry I've made - she is an amature model and was happy to help - I think she has the perfect look for my stuff XD

Photos, make-up + styling - by me.
Here are some pics from the day :

All the stuff in the pics is now up and for sale in my etsy shop please take a look :D

I have also (like most people) been getting stuff ready for xmas, I am gonna make cards this year to save a bit of money, I have a large family + my bf's family it gets quite pricey!

I have also been enjoying paper crafts with my friend, we have made milk cats, box dogs, box bears, origami cats, origami bows and more cute stuff I'll get some pics up soon :)

Thanks so much for reading x

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Stall, new piercing, and other news ...

 So I have been pretty busy since my last update...

I held a stall at a local craft fair 'clutter city' selling my handmade stuff like rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and hair accessories.
The sale actually went really well and was good fun, so hopefully I will do one again in December.
Here are some pics :

You can see more pics, including close ups of my items here.
I will eventually be listing some stuff on my etsy shop ... soon!

I finally after about a year (or longer) got a Monroe piercing, and I really love it..was pretty painful but has healed surprisingly fast and I may be able to change the bar sooner than I hoped....no pics yet!

We also went to see Negura Bunget a Romanian black metal band, it was such a good gig, have also been watching a lot of sci-fi movies and recently started watching the anime 'Monster' it's pretty dark so good for me, but we have about 60 episodes to get through!

I am also really busy at the moment sorting out my steampunk outfit for the MCM expo in London in couple of weeks.
I am embroidering my own patches and bleaching/dying fabrics like hats, spats and shirts...it's all very exciting. Pics to come after the outfit is completed.

Some other things I have been up to are for my friends birthday I made her a cute cube pirate cat :D

I got a super cute monster high doll as a late present from a good friend. I love her I may have to buy more..

Thanks so much for reading x

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

new handmade stuffs + updates

 So it's been quite a while since I last updated my blogger - sorry about that!

I have been busy making a selection of new jewellery and accessories in a steampunk theme.
I will eventually be listing on my etsy shop a  mix of rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and hair accessories.
Here is a preview of some of the pieces I have made:

Other things I have been up to are we went to see sepultura (and got to meet them all backstage :D), went to  a couple of metal gigs, I also had a tea party with friends. My bf's sister also got married and we went to that too - so a fairly busy couple of months, here are some pics:

me, nome and becky @ malefice with grimace in norwich :)
may, nome and me at the tea party in my garden, it fun to dress up!

A pretty small pic, but you can see my dress I wore to the wedding - I love it,
it's such a good fit and is made by H&R London.

I also got some really cool new bits and bobs recently one of the best items was this custom stamp of my etsy shop and logo:
Some super kawaii fabrics, the strawberry one is for a skirt for a BJD doll swap.

and LOADS of deco tapes :D

Thanks for reading, have a great day <3

Thursday, 16 June 2011

May was..

 May was a good month - my highlights were; I saw a friend I had not seen for 6 months,  I went to the london MCM expo, got some awesome swaps and finished sewing lots of doll clothing to sell :D

Here is the outfit I wore to expo, plus some of my favourite outfits:

I also have a lovely new niece called Isla, I did this drawing of her for my sister and her husband and I also sewed a funny bear :

And finally, I have finished sewing my doll clothing sets, I started at the beginning of the year, they will go on sale via etsy/ebay and private sale next week.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

New stock / new clothes

I have recently been in contact with a new supplier in china for doll clothing, so I should have some cute new stock available soon for MSD size BJD girls :D

 My 2 girls modelling the school outfit and pink trousers sent as sample pieces.

Got some awesome clothing recently, had to share some pics of the patterns!

 skull cameo dress and bunny, eyeballs, bows and skull dress <3
Hello kitty cardigan, I <3 hello kitty jumper - cute! 
(My kitty walked in shot too!)

An my friend brought me some sweet HK treats as he know's I like her - how sweet!
Perfect egg!!