Tuesday, 22 February 2011

goodbye lucy

This isn't the kind of thing I would normally talk about publicly, but I am finding it really hard to cope, so I just need to let it out. Please don't feel like you must reply.

One of my best friends body's was found in a river at the weekend, she was so beautiful and talented. I will miss her so much.

The whole things is very surreal, me and a friend will be going by her flat today to sort through some of her stuff, it will be hard, but I think it will be good healing too.

Half of me wants to stay here and deal with it, but the other half wants to run away. Grief is a very strange emotion, I don't feel myself at the moment, everything is different.

I wanted to share this picture of her, so even people who never met her can see her. She was really special and will be greatly missed.
At least now, she will finally be at peace.

R.I.P Lucy

Monday, 14 February 2011

sewing :D

I usually only do machine sewing, but since getting into swapbot I have been really enjoying hand sewing again, particularly with felt, I love not having to hem anything :D

Here are a few of my recently finished or in-the-process-of projects from last week ...
^ I made this  jumper for a friend in a swap, it's based on one I made for my doll, but much smaller scale. She loved the fabric, and was pleased with it when she got it :D

 ^ This is a brooch I made as a little extra for a recent swap, I know she loves Matryoshka Dolls and I have wanted an excuse to make a Matryoshka-something for ages!

^ I am also in the middle of making some 'square-bears' hehe.
I love the little eyes, I have been looking for ages to find some flat professional bear eyes at 3mm - so was really happy to find some I really like AND the right scale.

Other news... I went to my boyfriends gig on Friday but it ended up getting canceled - which was a shame, but it meant we just hung with the band in the pub, which turned out to be pretty hilarious... But hopefully the next one wont get cancelled!

My boyfriends band is called Grimace they play death metal, if you are interested you can hear them on myspace here: http://www.myspace.com/grimaceuk

Sunday, 6 February 2011

last week...

The below pic show a recent puki scale commission I finished, I love making tiny tings :D
It was actually for a tiny brownie doll, but lilith was a perfect model, I included the polka dot bow and teddy bear as free gifts.


I'm currently working on the illustration for a children's book with a friend, it is about a jazz cat. It's really early days but great fun drawing in point perspective again, I usually only draw characters - so doing backgrounds and scenes is a fun challenge X3 
I'll prob get some pics up on here soon.

I have also got some great new stock in from mimiwoo, you will be able to find it via my ebay sales soon.
shoes, boots, glasses, longs socks and some more stuff :D