Thursday, 12 May 2011

New stock / new clothes

I have recently been in contact with a new supplier in china for doll clothing, so I should have some cute new stock available soon for MSD size BJD girls :D

 My 2 girls modelling the school outfit and pink trousers sent as sample pieces.

Got some awesome clothing recently, had to share some pics of the patterns!

 skull cameo dress and bunny, eyeballs, bows and skull dress <3
Hello kitty cardigan, I <3 hello kitty jumper - cute! 
(My kitty walked in shot too!)

An my friend brought me some sweet HK treats as he know's I like her - how sweet!
Perfect egg!!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

camping, tattoos, gigs and bargains :D

It has been a busy one, over the last couple of bank holidays...
Last weekend I went camping with some friends to Cromer, right near the beach - it was really nice!

We made some lovely masks...hehe

I also got some more tattoos done by a friend, so the new ones are 3 cogs on my arm and a plug socket on the inside of my arm, it's great cause I can just go round his house, or he will come round mine. Plus he is really good - so I have a full upper sleeve planned....But he was tired after tattooing all morning so I just got the 3 for now + the plug socket needs going over one more time.


This weekend my boyfriends band (Grimace) had a gig in Lowerstoft, it was great fun and they had an hour set :D

Photos by Amethyst

Me and Becky. That guy in the back...photo bomb haha 

Then on Sunday, I had a stall at a boot fair with some friends and BBQ when we got home.
I managed to find 2x packs of pilot drawing pens for £2, I usually pay about £6 a pack for them :D Love a good bargain!!

  I also found 2 cute necklaces for 50p - woohoo