Monday, 5 November 2012


Since I last updated I have finished and worn my latest steampunk outfit to MCM Expo London :)

This was my favorite group shot of the weekend :

We all created our own outfits, and some of us made certain aspects of it aswell from scratch or old clothing/fabrics.

(I will put all the photos on my Flickr)

My outfit :

I made the bustle and spats from scratch, for the corset I added some bias, buttons and chain, the shrug I made from an old long sleeved shirt.
I also made the jewelry and accessories :) (except the leather cuff and gloves)

I also wore a pair of clockwork wings on the Saturday for a while, but I didn't manage to get a pic, fortunately a fellow steampunker got a great photo I would like to share, this is not my image so I hope they don't mind if I use it :)

I also love the below pic pic with the girls ^^

 I am now willing to accept commission work for steampunk clothing and accessories, if you are interested please contact via one of the links at the end of this post :)

I also did my first photoshoot with my lovely friend Beckykat recently, it was a lot of fun but I was very nervous...here are my fave pics from the day.

All credit for the above 2 pics goes to David Moss Photography 

Outfit and styling for me, by me.

I have Tumblr : http://cosmic-cogs.tumblr.com/
A facebook page for my crafty stuff : https://www.facebook.com/cute.curious
And me on pinterest : miss arkaya
I also regularly update my flickr : http://www.flickr.com/photos/arkaya/
And often use my facebook : arkaya Jess


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Friday, 7 September 2012

oops, long time no update!

So I have been up to lots since my last update...

I have a Tumblr now : http://cosmic-cogs.tumblr.com/
A facebook page for my crafty stuff : https://www.facebook.com/cute.curious
And me on pinterest : miss arkaya
I also regularly update my flickr : http://www.flickr.com/photos/arkaya/
And often use my facebook : arkaya Jess

I have been enjoying deco nail art recently, here are some of my faves  I did on myself^^

 I have also started to get ready for the upcoming october EXPO in london, I am going to attempt to make a cage skirt...:/
wish me luck...I will update on here soon :)

Here is the corset I am working on :


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Friday, 11 May 2012

Expo, torn muscle + news

So I have been really busy lately sorting out my outfit for the MCM expo (London Comic con). This year we will be going in a pretty big group, there will be 7 of us, and maybe meeting more when we are there...will be so hard to keep track of everyone - but we should look like a pretty awesome steampunk group XD
Here are some of my progress pics, the gun was made by a friend for his costume :)
The thing that has been taking up most my time, other than sewing (!!) was making the wings, I have now finished them - however I have since hurt my arm and doc says I'm not aloud to wear them for this expo! D': 
...see how/why in next paragraph.
  Sooo, I have also torn a muscle in my shoulder - all I did was lean across a table to get a pen!
At first it was really painful and I had to have loads of drugs, but now it's better and I only, need a cream - but it's just so frustrating that I can no longer wear my wings as I spent ages on them and was really looking forward to it, but doc says I could damage it and I need to heal :( 

It means I can't do as much as usually do, having to have a lot more 'down' time than I am used too.... 

I have also (before tearing my muscle) held another stall at a new local crafts market, it was a really lovely day and I made a decent amount of sales, so I will be doing that again ^__^

I am in the process of changing my hair, I was going to go pink/purple - but don't think it will go very will with my Expo outfit, so I decided on red/orange..But I am having to do it slowly as my hair is so dry, so I have started with the roots, they are really white!
I'll use some intense conditioner and a hair masque then bleach some more :3 

In this pic my hair is still wet after washing - not greasy!!

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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

jan/feb - handmades/upcoming stall etc

For 2012 I decided to do a photo a day, it's mostly things I make or wear but other bits and bobs too -  I have been uploading them on flickr here :
 arkaya - photo a day 2012

Here are some of my fave pics so far :
My newest craft love is needle felting, I got given a starter kit by my bf for xmas, and I tried it and loved it, I made this cat:
My first attempt at needle felting :)
I have been told he looks more like a fox/squirrel than a cat - but oh well, I was quite pleased for a first attempt :)
I have since brought more needles and wool and made a ginger bread man for a friend for a swap, but that is a surprise so no pics yet !

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In March I am doing another stall for clutter city (cluttercity.co.uk):
So I will be making lots of new stock for then when I have some free time, and I will share pics on here and flickr too X3

That's all for now, thanks for reading x

Friday, 6 January 2012

December XD

Well now Xmas and NYE are out the way I can relax a bit. December was a really busy month this year.

At the beginning of the month me and some friends went to Achtung a steampunk theme fetish/cabaret night, it was so much fun and we saw professor elemental :D
Some photos got a bit risque so I will only show a couple from before we left so you can see our outfits.

Left - Me and Becky in our outfits, mine is pretty much the same as my last expo outfit, but I made a top and some accessories with latex for the night.
Right - me and my boyfriend, he scrubs up pretty good :)

Had a pre-Xmas craft times and made some cute snowman cards for family. My friend also came round to do Xmas crafts and we painted and stabbed holes into some baubles.

Xmas eve was a day spent with friends, we had a delicious meal that we prepared together lots of drink and presents too. We also got the Snes out and had a go on Donkey Kong, I love the old games!

Left - me and my boyfriend (again) and me stealing Becky's leg for some reason XD

Our tasty spread for Xmas eve :p

Xmas day was a more quiet one, just me and my boyfriend we made loads of food, drank lots of wine and worked our way through about 4 movies.

Here are some of the lovely gifts I got from friends and family:
my kawaii xmas gifts

Boxing day we saw friends again in the evening, and pretty much ate left overs all day :D

New years eve we also had people over, me and Becky started the day with crafting.

We made a resolution planner :
Then more friends came over, we had fun with balloons and wine - just before midnight we went outside to watch all the fireworks and sky lanterns - there were so many..forgot my camera...but they were really pretty!

An a happy new year to anyone else reading this :D