Sunday, 16 January 2011

new year, new goals

So I decided to set up a blog, to try and organize my life a bit better...
But I have no idea how to cusomise, so.. could be a while before it actually looks okay.

In the meantime, I have given maya new wig for the new year :
Plus I have made a new banner for my etsy shop:
 Although I am not sure if I actually like it, so it wont stay for very long ....

Still feeling pretty blue, hopefully this will be a good year and I can start feeling better again.


  1. I like your blog so far, and I look forward to reading it int he future. I hope your blogging journey is fruitful.

    eveyinorbit via swapbot

  2. Blogs are great for keeping track of your progress and sometimes keeps one accountable. :) I love your blog so far. Hope you have a great year too. TangoAlphaMike *swapbot*

  3. I know this wasn't what I was supposed to focus on in the picture, but... I LOVE TOTORO!!! I have loved him since a kid, but it seems that no one ever knows what I'm talking about.

  4. i think dolls just creep me out...

    - PolsPhoto via SB

  5. That blue hair really suits that lovely doll!!!

    iSwallow on SB