Tuesday, 3 May 2011

camping, tattoos, gigs and bargains :D

It has been a busy one, over the last couple of bank holidays...
Last weekend I went camping with some friends to Cromer, right near the beach - it was really nice!

We made some lovely masks...hehe

I also got some more tattoos done by a friend, so the new ones are 3 cogs on my arm and a plug socket on the inside of my arm, it's great cause I can just go round his house, or he will come round mine. Plus he is really good - so I have a full upper sleeve planned....But he was tired after tattooing all morning so I just got the 3 for now + the plug socket needs going over one more time.


This weekend my boyfriends band (Grimace) had a gig in Lowerstoft, it was great fun and they had an hour set :D

Photos by Amethyst

Me and Becky. That guy in the back...photo bomb haha 

Then on Sunday, I had a stall at a boot fair with some friends and BBQ when we got home.
I managed to find 2x packs of pilot drawing pens for £2, I usually pay about £6 a pack for them :D Love a good bargain!!

  I also found 2 cute necklaces for 50p - woohoo

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  1. The tatts look awesome! Hurrah for a good weekend :3