Sunday, 6 February 2011

last week...

The below pic show a recent puki scale commission I finished, I love making tiny tings :D
It was actually for a tiny brownie doll, but lilith was a perfect model, I included the polka dot bow and teddy bear as free gifts.


I'm currently working on the illustration for a children's book with a friend, it is about a jazz cat. It's really early days but great fun drawing in point perspective again, I usually only draw characters - so doing backgrounds and scenes is a fun challenge X3 
I'll prob get some pics up on here soon.

I have also got some great new stock in from mimiwoo, you will be able to find it via my ebay sales soon.
shoes, boots, glasses, longs socks and some more stuff :D


  1. I've just been on swapbot and yours is the first I picked and great! little dolls and art just what I like!!

  2. Thanks,I only started my blog after xmas, if you want more followers put it up on face book and all your friends will follow.

  3. Hi, I'm trashybetty from Swap-Bot! Love the blog! I'm now a follower! You can check me out @ www.trashybetty.com

  4. I love tiny things and I love your doll but I especially love that little bear! Cute!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. TangoAlphaMike *swapbot*

  5. Love your dolls!
    I'm now following you!

    tamtamlee from follow my blog 2 swap-bot

  6. Your blog looks great already! You have a great layout and great content.

  7. The outfit, tiny bear, and bow are adorable! Great job!

    Ann (freespirit66)

  8. Can't wait to see that pics!!!

    ShawnaJ on SwapBot

  9. You're so good with the tiny stitches ^_^! I find it gets too fiddly even at YoSD size...but it is quick and simple if you do it right! Lilith looks so cuuuute!

  10. These are amazing! My daughter would love these...but I seriously wouldn't even be able to let her touch them they are so nice. mamatoallie on swapbot

  11. i love your sewing designs. i just wish i had the money to comission you. the skirt i bought from you the other month is my favourite piece of clothing for my minifee girls, and such an amasing fit!!

  12. How exciting illustrating a book. Can't wait to see your work.

    swapbot - stampkrl