Friday, 6 January 2012

December XD

Well now Xmas and NYE are out the way I can relax a bit. December was a really busy month this year.

At the beginning of the month me and some friends went to Achtung a steampunk theme fetish/cabaret night, it was so much fun and we saw professor elemental :D
Some photos got a bit risque so I will only show a couple from before we left so you can see our outfits.

Left - Me and Becky in our outfits, mine is pretty much the same as my last expo outfit, but I made a top and some accessories with latex for the night.
Right - me and my boyfriend, he scrubs up pretty good :)

Had a pre-Xmas craft times and made some cute snowman cards for family. My friend also came round to do Xmas crafts and we painted and stabbed holes into some baubles.

Xmas eve was a day spent with friends, we had a delicious meal that we prepared together lots of drink and presents too. We also got the Snes out and had a go on Donkey Kong, I love the old games!

Left - me and my boyfriend (again) and me stealing Becky's leg for some reason XD

Our tasty spread for Xmas eve :p

Xmas day was a more quiet one, just me and my boyfriend we made loads of food, drank lots of wine and worked our way through about 4 movies.

Here are some of the lovely gifts I got from friends and family:
my kawaii xmas gifts

Boxing day we saw friends again in the evening, and pretty much ate left overs all day :D

New years eve we also had people over, me and Becky started the day with crafting.

We made a resolution planner :
Then more friends came over, we had fun with balloons and wine - just before midnight we went outside to watch all the fireworks and sky lanterns - there were so many..forgot my camera...but they were really pretty!

An a happy new year to anyone else reading this :D

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