Friday, 11 May 2012

Expo, torn muscle + news

So I have been really busy lately sorting out my outfit for the MCM expo (London Comic con). This year we will be going in a pretty big group, there will be 7 of us, and maybe meeting more when we are there...will be so hard to keep track of everyone - but we should look like a pretty awesome steampunk group XD
Here are some of my progress pics, the gun was made by a friend for his costume :)
The thing that has been taking up most my time, other than sewing (!!) was making the wings, I have now finished them - however I have since hurt my arm and doc says I'm not aloud to wear them for this expo! D': 
...see how/why in next paragraph.
  Sooo, I have also torn a muscle in my shoulder - all I did was lean across a table to get a pen!
At first it was really painful and I had to have loads of drugs, but now it's better and I only, need a cream - but it's just so frustrating that I can no longer wear my wings as I spent ages on them and was really looking forward to it, but doc says I could damage it and I need to heal :( 

It means I can't do as much as usually do, having to have a lot more 'down' time than I am used too.... 

I have also (before tearing my muscle) held another stall at a new local crafts market, it was a really lovely day and I made a decent amount of sales, so I will be doing that again ^__^

I am in the process of changing my hair, I was going to go pink/purple - but don't think it will go very will with my Expo outfit, so I decided on red/orange..But I am having to do it slowly as my hair is so dry, so I have started with the roots, they are really white!
I'll use some intense conditioner and a hair masque then bleach some more :3 

In this pic my hair is still wet after washing - not greasy!!

 = '◕ ᴥ ◕' = 

Thanks for reading xx

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